Automatic Spacer Bender
Desiccant Filler
Muntin Bender
  All Bend Model 200 & 300
  Features and Benefits
                        Detail of Automatic Joining System
  The only benders that bends any material
  Accepts any material size
  No Tool changing required (on Model 300)
  Double roller for greater accuracy
  5/1000" tolerance, up to 1/64" on the length
  Produces 3 & 4 Corner Bends
  Makes a 40" X 70" frame in 28 seconds
  Laser referencing
  All parts are U.S. sourced
  Designed for Integrated Production
  All Bend 200 and 300 Standard Features
  Automatic in-stock feed
  Manual Joiner Clamp for Spacers Corner Projection
  17" SVGA touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard
  Fuzzy Logic for diagnostics
  Detailed maintenance
  Automatic Programmable Gas Drilling
  Automatic Programmable Muntin Grid Hole
  Single or Double Hole Drilling
  Software for Batching (multiple views available)
  Software is available on floppies with networking capability
  Inex Plastic Spacer Bending Configuration (220 volts)
  Ink-jet Printer